CMO office is situated at rambagh in mirzapur. You may contact there for any health related issues.

School Health Program

It is proposed to initiate annual heath checkups in junior schools. To begin with 100 schools will be identified in underserved and remote rural areas & urban slums in each district for this activity. CMO will constitute a team consisting of a doctor & a paramedic to visit schools on predetermined date for check up. Before this activity, selected teachers of the school will identify apparently sick & undernourished children for check up. The team will carry routine medicines with them. They will also refer the children requiring specialized care.
Rs 300.00 per school per district is required for providing mobility & other support to the team. Thus, for 1 district the cost comes to Rs. 30,000/-

Birth and Death Control Program

This policy was started in 1966, under this policy Indian government made an act, which was passed by the Uttar Pradesh government in 1977. Under this act the registration of birth-death, in gram panchayat officer at rural level and district health officer/district officer, primary at district area level are registered. Registrar has separate birth and death registers. At present there are 73,917 registration units in rural area and 753 in urban.
Primary registrar sends the information to main registrar and district registrar. According to this act the district registrar informs to main registrar for the supply of birth-death registrars and other officers. This year the printing work of forms has been done by state treasury aishbagh,lucknow, which are distributes by main registrar.
Every Thursday the meetings are performing for farmer help centres in the villages, in which the basic health worker(male/female) and panchayat officer decides the reporting & recording of birth-death events and issues the suggestions
Orders has been issued for the knowledge of the importance of birth-death registration to the public by the add through communication mediums. This includes the use of other mediums like ration card, electric bill, painting on buses etc.
The proceeding is going on in the private nursing home, medical colleges etc. for compulsory recording and reporting for birth-death registration.