Disaster Management


Occurring most commonly in the flood area of ​​the various natural disasters that affect some part of almost every year the district or cause flooding in other important rivers in the district are the Ganga. The Ganga river basin of Mirzapur has normal rainfall from 60 cm to 190 centimeters in which more than 80 percent of the southwest monsoon occurs during the monsoon. Rain goes up from west to east and from south to north. The pattern of the same flood, the problem increases from west to east and from south to north. Apart from this, there is also the loss of human life. Flood management measures have been adopted till now.

The major flood management programs for the works done in the district are: construction of embankments, drainage improvement, construction of reservoirs of the reservoirs and the deforestation etc. Amendment to the sensitivity of flood damage due to flood prediction and disaster preparedness. And to improve the flow of the river, widening and deepening the drainage capacity to improve the river channel. Construction of nearby and diversion channels to remove some extra flood water from protected areas. “The flood control center” founded essentially important flood purposes of immediate measures to gather information “Lucknow headquarters and Siki building prone districts and embankment repair etc.