In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Mirzapur one of the country’s 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640). It is one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). Once tourism used to contribute in the economy but due to lack of care from government officials and local people the unmatched beauty of the places like Sirshe dam and waterfall, Dadri (Pipari) dam, Vindham waterfall, Lower Khajuri, Upper Khajuri, Lakhaniya waterfall, Siddhnath Waterfall, Kotwan-Patehara forest, Fort of Chunar and Dadri-Haliya forest has become ‘the stories of past’. Once there was a time when every Sunday of rainy season used to be a fair like atmosphere for the neighbouring localities of Sirshe waterfall and Vindham waterfall due to their attraction of tourist not only from every part of the U.P. and but neighbourhood states too. The separation of the Sonebhadra largely affected the economical condition and after the closing of mills and depression in the carpet industry Mirzapur has become nearly economically handicapped.