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Maa Vindhavasini Devi is a great power on the planet. Vindhyachal has always been his residence. Jagadamba’s constant presence has made Vindhyagiriko Jagarat Shaktipeeth. In the Viraat festival of Mahabharata, Dharmaraj praises Yudhishthar Devi, saying: Vindeichavanov – the best place to live in heaven O mother! You are always on top of the best Vindhyacha in the mountains. In Padmapuraan, Vindhyachal-Nivasini has been associated with the name of Vindhavsinini, the super power of this Vindhyvindhidhasini.

The story comes in the Dasam Skand of Shrimdev Bhagavat, when Brahma ji first creates Swayambhavvammanu and Shatruupa with his mind. Then after marriage, Swayambhav Manu made a statue of Goddess with his hands and performed harsh tenacity for a hundred years. Satisfied with his austerity, Bhagwati blessed him with a state of deserving state, family growth and the highest post. Mahadevi went to Vindhyachalvarvata after giving his blessing. From this it is clear that from the beginning of creation, the worship of Vindhyaswini is being done. His expansion of the universe came from his own good wishes.