Prime Minister Shram Yogi Mann – Dhan Pension Scheme and National Pension Scheme.

05/12/2019 - 11/12/2019

Today, on 5/12/2019, at the Mandal level Khadi Village Industry Exhibition held at BJJ Ground Mahuwariya, the District Magistrate distributed 20 cards of registered workers under Prime Minister Shram Yogi Mann-Dhan Pension Scheme and National Pension Scheme. Along with this, registration of the girl’s blessings scheme conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Building and other construction workers welfare board labor department 6 Labrthio distributed FD Card 25,000 – 25,000. In which mainly Mr. RK Pathak, Assistant Labor Commissioner, Mirzapur, Mr. Nimesh Kumar Pandey, Labor Enforcement Officer, Mirzapur and employees of Labor Department were present.