Cleanliness drive

Publish Date : 11/12/2019

District Magistrate Shri Sushil Kumar Patel under the cleanliness drive instructed by Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reached the Women’s Hospital today and inspected the cleaning system. During this period, the District Magistrate went to the PPP Model Hospital where the patients were there, but seeing a lot of dust accumulated on the floor, expressing strict displeasure, called the administrator and instructed for cleaning. Subsequently, the District Magistrate expressed dissatisfaction after seeing the bar filled water of the hospital and instructed to fix the sewer.In this sequence, the District Magistrate went to the Women’s Hospital and went to the maternity ward and talked to the patients and got information about all the facilities including medicines etc. The District Magistrate was accompanied by Chief Development Officer Priyanka Niranjan, Additional District Magistrate UP Singh, Municipal Magistrate Sushil Lal Srivastava, Executive Engineer RES, District Information Officer Om Prakash Upadhyay, EO Municipality Mirzapur Vinay Tiwari.


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