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               The District of Mirzapur, with the exception of the Villages namely Mowat ,Merolatand, Mahespur, Durjanipur, Mangarahi Deohat,Katra and Bamsaur received from Allahabad in 1861,falls entirely within the tract of country once known as the province of Benaras. The sovereignty of this was formally ceded to the East India Company in 1775 by the Nawab-vizir of Avadh; but the tract itself was included in the zamindari of the raja of Benares and remained in his actual possession until 1794, when Mahip Narayan Singh surrendered its control of the Governor General of India by the agreement of 27th october of that year. It is not until 1830 that Mirzapur became a separate revenuejurisdiction of its own , because until that year it had been included in Varanasi. Mirzapur was then placed under a local collector of customs, the subdivisions assigned to new collectorate being tappas Chaurasi , Chhiyanve, Upraudh,Kon and Sakteshgarh of pargana Kantit and other paragnas, Bhagwat Bhuili, Haveli, Chunar,uriat, Sikhar,Agori, Barhar and Bijaigarh,Bhadohi,Kon and Majhwa were restored to Varanasi on the protest of raja but were afterwards re-annexed to Mirzapur.At present Agori,Barharand Bijaigarh are in Sonbhadra District however Bhadohi is in Sant Ravidas Nagar District. There has been no change in the territorial limits of Mirzapur since 1833, revenue and judicial administrations were made to coincide throughout the Benares province;but several when the alternation have been made in the sub-divisional boundries since the tract came in to the possession of the British.In 1801 every pargana and tappa, with a few exception had a separate Tehsildar. In 1804 it was resolved to abolish the office of Tehsildar in the Benares Province. In 1806 , tahsildars were established for tappas Chaurasi,Upraudh,Chhiyanvey Sakteshgarh and Bhagwat at Chaurasi ; and for pargnas Agori-Barhar and Bijaigarh (at present lies in Sonbhadra District) at Kusancha.The first of the two tahsils created in 1809 corresponds to a great extent with the present Mirzapur tahsil.Saketeshgarh and Bhagwat have been taken may from it and kon and Majhwa added .To the tahsil which had its headquarters in 1809 at Kusancha,Singrauli and Dudhi were added and the whole was for some time known as the Shahganj tahsil ( Now all these are in Sonbhadra District).

                At present the district Mirzapur has four tahsils,Namely Sadar (Mirzapur),Chunar,Marihan and Lalganj for administrative point of view. To reached the development at root level the Mirzapur district has 12 blocks and 15 thana which are as under-

Blocks Name-

1. Mirzapur (City) , 2. Kon, 3. Chhanbey, 4. Majhwan , 5. Pahari 6. Sikhar , 7. Narayanpur, 8. Jamalpur ,9. Marihan, 10. rajgarh 11. Halia ,12.Lalganj.

Thana Name-

1. City kotwali , 2. Katara Kotwali , 3. Dehat kotwali , 4. Chunar kotwali , 5. Thana Vindhyachal , 6. Thana Kachhawan 7. Thana Chilh , 8. Thana Jigana , 9. Thana Padari , 10. Thana Marihan , 11. Thana Lalganj , 12. Thana Adalhat , 13. Thana Jamalpur , 14. Thana Ahroura , 15. Thana Hallia

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