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Origin of Name of District

According to the tradition , the name of this town,after which the district itself is named was GIRZAPUR , which in terms derives its name from the goddess Parvati (Girija) who sacrificed hersel here in a vajna.Mirza, Vindhyavasini ,and Lakshmi are the other names of the goddess whose temple exists at Vindhyachal .The present name of the district is derived from goddess Lakshmi who emerged from the sea . The word Mirza is formed from two words ; Mir meaning sea and ja meaning outcome , with the dditional pur standing for town. It is also locally believed that the town was founded by raja Nanner and was known as Girijapur,but later on it came to know as Mirzapur . The earliest mention of the town is found in the writings of Tieffenthaler,who drew up his description of the country between 1760 and 1770 . He mentioned it, under the name of Mirzapur specially as a great mart. In the records of Jonathan Duncan,who was resident of Varanasi,frequent mention is made of the place as Mirzapur.



 Location, Boundaries, Area & Population

The District of Mirzapur lies between the paralles of 23.52 & 25.32 North latitude and 82.7 and 83.33 East longitude. It forms a portion of the Varanasi Division. On the north and north-east it is bounded by the Varanasi district ; on the south bounded by district Sonbhadra. On the south west by the district of Allahabad. The shape to the north and west is some what irregular. In no direction,except for about 13 km. in the north east where he Ganga separates the Tehsil of Chunar from the district of Varanasi , has Mirzapur a natural frontier. According to Central Statistical organisation the district of Mirzapur had an area of 4521 Sq.Km. At the census of 2001, the population of the district is 1657140 (males 1093849 and females 980860) of which 1788203 were living in rural and 286506 in the urban area of the district.

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