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This  is  a  large  agricultural  town  lying in latitude 25.10 North and longitude 82.31 East,(a part of Mirzapur- cum - Vindhyachal   municipal  board) 11  Km.  West   of    Mirzapur   with   is   connected   by  a metalled road.The  ancient  town of Vindhyachal , famous  in  the Puranas , is said  to have been included  within the  circuit  of  the  ancient city of pampapura .Pampapura is supposed  to have  been an old  Bhar city covering  several  Km.of  area.Tradition says  that  this city once possessed  150  temples, all  of   which  were destroyed by Aurangzeb.The place is celebrated as  containing the shrine of  the  goddess Vindhyeshwari  Devi , which   is visited  by  thousands  of  pilgrims  annually  from  all  parts  of  India ,especially  central  and southern India.The temple ,which is  built  of stone  is of rectangular form,sorrounded by a  verandah,the whole encompassed  by a flight  of   five  steps.
About Tourism
For quite some years Mirzapur has been a destination for tourists, particularly for people from adjoining states, owing mainly to the ghats, temples, the famous clock tower(Ghanta Ghar)which are excellent examples of contemporary architecture
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